Merry Christmas

Another Christmas is at hand and families will gather, as they have done for generations, to celebrate the holiday season with our friends and loved ones.

Peace on earth, joy to the world, and the like may be platitudinous phrases when spoken at any other time of the year, but during the Christmas season they truly mean something, regardless of one’s religious beliefs or faith (or lack thereof).

The vast majority of our fellow members of the human race truly desire that kindness and goodwill toward others should triumph over mankind’s basest instincts. The holiday season grants us a reprieve from the turmoil of everyday life,  allowing us to reconnect with what is good in all of us and to recalibrate our sense of what truly is important in our lives — our family, friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens.

During the Christmas season of 2015, we urge all of our readers to step back and think about what is good about our lives, our town, our state, our nation, and our world, rather than paying attention to the news headlines, which only focus on the negative.

As we watch our children and grandchildren enjoy the holidays, let’s be sure to share in their delight — we promise it will bring joy to even the most hardened hearts among us.

We wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season.

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