Flags Placed on Boston Common

The Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund (MMHF), the state organization dedicated to providing support to the families of military personnel with ties to Massachusetts who have died as a result of active duty service post 9/11/2001, held its signature event on the Boston Common last week.  On Thursday, May 26 the MMHF and volunteers again placed tens of thousands of flags on the Common in honor of Memorial Day and every brave Massachusetts service member who gave his or her life defending our country since the Revolutionary War.

Some of the 37,000 flags on the Boston Common shown above.

Some of the 37,000 flags on the Boston Common shown above.

During the ceremony the names of Massachusetts soldiers fallen in service to the United States as a result of current military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan was read aloud among the display of the 37,000  flags honoring the sacrifices of all fallen Massachusetts service men and women.

According to the MMHF, the completed garden was a breathtaking and somber tribute to the true meaning of Memorial Day and a powerful message of community support to the families of these fallen heroes that their sacrifices will never be forgotten.

The MMHF relies on donors and volunteers to create this display and to stand watch over them throughout Memorial Day weekend.  As of Monday the group raised $11,542 to keep the tradition going.

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