Alexander Rhalimi Announces for Sheriff’s Post

The Secretary of State Elections Division confirmed that Alexander Rhalimi, who is challenging Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Tompkins, will have his name on the September Democratic Primary ballot.

Rhalimi was one of the first September candidates, for any office, to qualify for the Primary.

“I’m pleased to have completed this first step,” said Rhalimi. “I’m grateful to the more than 2,000 voters of Suffolk County who signed my nomination papers in Boston, Revere, Chelsea and Winthrop. Now it’s on to the campaign itself.”

Rhalimi, who for the past 17 years has operated his own business, Casablanca Coach Worldwide, and is a Board member of the East Boston Chamber of Commerce, intends to emphasize his business experience as a starting point for reform and accountability in the Sheriff’s budget.

Says Rhalimi, “The Suffolk Sheriff operates a budget totaling more than $100 million dollars, paid by all the State’s taxpayers, plus almost $4 million received from the City of Boston. The taxpayers need to have access to the budget’s details so that we can assess the results. Just as the MBTA and Boston’s Schools budgets have come under line-by-line scrutiny – and justly so – the Sheriff’s budget needs the same attention.”

Rhalimi earned his Master of Criminal Justice with Honors from Boston University. He is certified in several criminal justice fields of crucial relevance to the duties of the Sheriff’s office, including Law Enforcement Skills, Crime Scene Investigation, Legal Studies, and Court Process. He is an active member of the National Sheriff’s Association, the American Correctional Association, and the American Jail Association.

Rhalimi also believes that Suffolk County’s Sheriff needs to communicate better with the many foreign-language communities that live in the county. “Often our Hispanic, Arabic, Haitian, Cape Verdean, and Asian residents are newcomers to Boston and don’t know the system,” he said. “Those who become incarcerated at the Suffolk County jail require translation services; and their community needs a Sheriff who can discuss crime issues with them in their own language. I speak several languages, and also view life through unique cultural perspectives. I will be able to bridge differences through language skills and cultural awareness.”

Rhalimi says that “the re-entry program, domestic violence prevention, education and mental health initiatives under way in the Sheriff’s jail right now are well intentioned, and I will continue them. But unless their significance can be communicated to the many ethnic communities residing in Suffolk County – and increasing every day – their effectiveness can’t be everything they should be. As your Sheriff, I will see that happens.”

He continued, “If elected I will strive to be an exemplary public servant protecting and preserving the safety and quality of life of the people of Suffolk County. I humbly request your vote in the primary on Thursday September 8, 2016.”

More information about Alexander for Sheriff can be found on his campaign website:  or contact his campaign at 617-312-4755.

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