Letter to the Editor

Reader proposes reconfiguration of Beacon and Charles streets

Dear Editor

The photo “Charles Street Inbound” shows that Charles Street is now configured as a three-lane inbound highway coming in from Storrow Drive.

Local traffic might be better served if Charles Street was configured with two lanes of traffic with one lane reserved for a two-way bicycle lane.

At the Charles Street intersection, Beacon Street becomes a three lane outbound highway. The photo “Beacon Street Outbound” shows this. Again, this residential section, along the Public Garden, might be better served if automobile traffic was reduced to two lanes, with a two-way bicycle lane along one side.

The purpose of the current three-lane configuration of Charles and Beacon streets is revealed in the destination of Beacon Street. The photograph “Beacon Street Destination” shows the sign, near the Charlesgate ramp, directing traffic to Route 93. The exit to Route 90 is a few feet further up the road.  Please notice that the automobile is driving directly over an unprotected bicycle lane.

The reconfiguration of these streets would increase pedestrian safety.

Maurice “Rick” Laurence

Newton, Mass.


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