Two Residents Struck by Truck

Two longtime residents of Temple Street, Denise Hirschel and Harry McCue, were struck by a commercial truck while crossing a street in Woburn on Nov. 1 and seriously injured. Tragically, Denise died from her injuries on Nov. 5. Harry is at Massachusetts General Hospital facing surgery and a long, arduous recovery.

A professional landscape designer, Denise was deeply involved for many years in the Temple Street Park. She was passionate about protecting its impressive east wall, the back of St. John’s Church, which was designed in the late 1820s by the architect of the Bunker Hill Monument, Solomon Willard. Until the park was established in the late 1970s as part of the Temple Walk project, the wall had not been visible to public view. Twenty years later, Denise’s testimony at a municipal hearing was key not only in saving the park from development but in continuing the exposure of the wall as well.

Denise and Harry were strong advocates of Temple Street’s beautification efforts. They worked as a team for a number of years, designing the park’s plantings and keeping them looking their best year round. Harry has also frequently taken over the fall clean out of our planters and tree pits, and, ever since we can remember, has been in charge of the winter greens, wreaths and bows we use for holiday decorating.

Condolence and get well notes may be sent to Harry at 54 Temple St., Boston, MA 02114.

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