Letter to the Editor

An open letter to Karen Cord Taylor

Dear Editor

Your article in last week’s BHT was surprisingly well-balanced in terms of the Nov. 8 election and the responses from both sides…sort of.

The election did not “produce fear and despair,” but rather relief that perhaps the most divisive, mean-spirited national election in our lifetime is over. We were appalled that this once great nation could barely produce two individuals like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to seek the highest office in the land. Nevertheless, as an outsider myself in the 2007-08 Presidential election, I now feel vindicated.

The founding fathers were brilliant in designing the political laws that govern our national election process. Hillary Clinton lost the electoral vote but seems to have clinched the popular vote. Elections do indeed have consequences and results. It could have gone in her favor, in which case there would be no protests, no destruction of property and no rioting.  Thank God conservatives and Republicans, for the most part, do not behave like that when they lose an election.

So now we enter a new era in America. Perhaps this will be real “hope and change.” Regardless of anyone’s political ideology, we must give Mr. Donald  Trump an opportunity to prove himself. As Secretary Clinton and President Obama have said: it is a time for unity not divisiveness.

May God Bless America.

Christopher Popham Smith

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