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Goodbye and Hello

Once again, September 1 is upon us. In this neighborhood where most leases renew or begin anew, that means it is time for many young people to move from or to apartments they have rented for their short time here.

Too often we think of Move Out Day as a time when new graduates and young professionals embarking on the next chapter of their lives leave behind those things no longer needed. Left on our sidewalks are sofas and chairs, mattresses and old clothing, and unsightly trash and debris awaiting removal by the City.

But let’s not forget that Move Out Day is a time to offer congratulations and best wishes to those heading off to their first job. Or to further their education. Or begin a residency program. Or seek more space for a new spouse or a new baby. We wish them well and hope that each one’s experience on Beacon Hill was a positive and fulfilling time of personal growth and achievement.

On Move In Day, our patience may thin as roads clog with overloaded SUVs and U Haul vans while Moms, Dads and friends carry furniture, clothing, books and bikes up rickety stairs to fourth floor apartments.

Let’s welcome our newcomers and make sure they’ll find our neighborhood to be the friendly, supportive kind of place that will inspire them to do their very best in whatever path they choose.

Soon Moving Days will be over, trash taken away and traffic back to normal. It is time for us to reflect upon our good fortune to live in a community that attracts such talented young people who enhance our lives with their boundless energy, zest for life and dreams for the future.

Suzanne Besser

BHCA President


Meetings this week

Friday, September 1: First Friday Coffee Hour. 8 a.m., 74 Joy Street


Upcoming Special Events

Sunday, September 24: Fall HillFest. 12-4 p.m.


Plans are well underway for our annual neighborhood block party that takes place on Mt Vernon Street between Charles and Brimmer streets. Fall HillFest will feature more than a dozen neighborhood nonprofits, the annual dog show, book and tag sales, live music and much more.


The Boston Public Market will join in the festivities with many vendors selling fruits, vegetables, and other delicious locally-grown foods for everyone to enjoy. Once again, the Biergarten will return to the Church of the Advent

with brats and beer.


Mark your calendars now and join your friends, family, and neighbors at this enjoyable afternoon!


 Visit the Beacon Hill Civic Association website and/or call the office (617-227-1922) for more information on how to get involved.

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