Charles River Bistro Winding Down for Season

The popular Charles River Bistro will be winding down for the season just after Veterans Day.

The Bistro, located on the Esplanade, is the go-to for so many locals. But The Bistro also caters to thousands of visitors, concert-goers, Fourth of July celebrants and tourists from around the world each season. Guests of the Bistro experience a warm hospitality and welcome from the staff, and hosts stunning prix-fixe dinners and daily programs for the community.

“I couldn’t be more proud or happier with The Bistro. Their creativity and efforts to rebuild the cafe, introduce a range of new amenities, stylish touches, fun seating and a robust menu, is the sole reason for restoring public confidence in the Esplanade,” says Walter Stevens, a Beacon Hill resident, “We now have the restaurant in the park we always wanted.”

This sentiment is not only felt by the residents around the Esplanade, but also by the staff who work very hard at the Bistro. “This place is home to my staff and I, and the local community is the reason for that,” says Amanda Danielle, the Bistro’s general manager. “Their appreciation and our ever-growing number of regulars makes it so that even the toughest days are always worth it.”

The Charles River Bistro is completely renovated by The Anthem Group, and has been Anthem Hospitality’s flagship venue since 2015. Under the leadership of the owner, Chris Sinclair, The Bistro has flourished to become not only a restaurant, but a community hub for gatherings, free public programming, and a variety of initiatives.

“Since our first day, our mission has been to create a vibrant and welcoming environment in addition to operational consistency, diverse and delicious food and quality service,” says Chris Sinclair, owner of The Charles River Bistro. “I love the support from the community that made our mission possible.”

The Charles River Bistro will wrap up its 2017 season just after Nov. 11 and reopen in the spring with flavorful food offerings, exciting activities and programming for the community.

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