Charles River Bistro Celebrates Halloween with Local Youth

Located on the Esplanade, along the banks of the river, The Charles River Bistro, known for its warm hospitality and innovation, frequently spearheads community initiatives around the Boston area.

On Oct. 19, The Bistro hosted an afternoon of Halloween pumpkin decorating to children from the Youth Tutoring Youth (YTY) Program under the Catholic Charities Laboure Center. The Bistro supplied pumpkins, from Wilson Farm in Lexington, and art resources for the children, as well as meals and fall treats for everyone involved.

The event was a success, and the YTY leadership couldn’t be happier. YTY assists children on a weekly basis and is always in need of activities. “We have field trips every month or so and, we kind of have to lean on community benefactors because we don’t have much of a budget,” says Riley, the YTY assistant coordinator. She continued that “we are so so grateful and love each time we come to The Bistro.”

Likewise, The Bistro staff couldn’t be happier with putting smiles on children, “I have never been prouder to work for a company,” says Will Stanley, a chef at The Bistro, “I heard about The Bistro and Anthem’s community efforts but every time I see it up close, it’s just amazing. My little brother was one of the children welcomed at the Bistro last year through Mass Housing.”

The Bistro has introduced around 5,000 youths to the park over the years through these programs. The residents of Beacon Hill are very supportive of the efforts, and Elise Collins, a resident who frequents the board games, and for lunch said, “I already love this place, but seeing the kids today and learning how much they do, made me fall more in love.”

The outing exemplifies The Bistro and its people. “I happened to be having lunch today and saw the kids,” Kyle Vogel, a long-time Beacon Hill resident notes, “I’m a Big Brother volunteer too and have taken advantage of the Bistro’s generosity to that organization as well.” Kyle shares the same sentiment with many Beacon Hill residents that The Bistro is an important part of the Esplanade, “we are lucky to have the staff and this type of restaurant nearby.”

The Charles River Bistro and its efforts to expand their community outreach is embraced by all of its staff. Bistro owner, Chris Sinclair, alongside the Bistro General Manager Amanda Danielle, set out to utilize The Bistro as a platform for community engagement. “People love our food, service, and the environment we created. The support is humbling and business is good,” Amanda beams as she looks on at the children, “So we take it as an obligation to keep giving back. I mean, look at all those smiles today.”

As always, The Bistro will remain open daily until mid-November and weather depending weekends until Thanksgiving. It features fall favorites like seasonal soups, warm cider and hot chocolate, and home-baked pies, in addition to its stable of salads, wraps and sweets like its famous sweet-potato donuts. Youth and community programming will continue. The Bistro and its team will reopen in March 2018.

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