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Dear Editor:

I am writing to echo the sentiments of the author of the opinion piece “Is this the new normal” (March 10, 2018) and highlight an important piece of legislation that would help mitigate the devastating effects of climate change. The ambitious 100-percent Renewable Energy Bill that is currently co-sponsored by over 50 state legislators would transition the state to 100-precent renewable energy, and if recent storms are any indication, this bill is desperately needed.

Historically, Massachusetts has been a national leader in environmental protection and sustainability, and we must lead the way once again in the transition towards 100-percent renewable energy. 100 percent may seem drastic, but threats as drastic as climate change call for drastic solutions, and this solution is definitely doable. More than 100 major companies, including Apple, Johnson & Johnson, and Nike, have committed to 100 percent renewable energy targets. In Massachusetts, solar can provide twice as much electricity as we use each year, and offshore wind can produce more than 11 times our annual electricity use.

While the 100-precent Renewable Energy bill already has significant support in the legislature, Boston legislators Rep. Chynah Tyler, Rep. Aaron Michlewitz, Rep. Michael Moran, and Sen. Joseph Boncore should sign on as well. Seventy-one-degree weather in February is not normal. Flooding in the Seaport district is not normal. This is our wake-up call. We must act now.

Cecilia Bolon


Architectural Commission’s    ‘stealth erosion’

Dear Editor:

Having lived next door to 60 Branch St. for the past 39 years, the sudden appearance of a monstrous deck, easily seen along most of Branch Street from Charles to Spruce, is remarkable to me.

For some reason, the Architectural Commission has chosen to approve this jarring alteration. It is interesting that the Commission is allowing stealth erosions on this scale.

James Lee

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