Judy Tedeschi Finds True Reward in Volunteering at Rosie’s Place

Judy Tedeschi began volunteering at Rosie’s Place upon relocating to Beacon Street from the South Shore three years ago, but she first visited the oldest women’s shelter in the U.S. years earlier to assist in the dining room with other members of the Second Congregational Church, Cohasset.

Judy Tedeschi (right), a Beacon Street resident and volunteer teacher in in the Women’s Education Center at Rosie’s Place, assisting one of her students.

“At first, I didn’t really appreciate all that Rosie’s has to offer, but the shelter really does so much in terms of advocacy and legal services, health care, legal services, and job search assistance, in addition to the ESL and computer classes,” she said. “They really do so much more for community.”

Tedeschi, who spent most of her career working in health care marketing, has always been committed to volunteer work, devoting her time to her two daughters’ schools and extracurricular activities while they were growing up. She had also always enjoyed corporate training and therefore was drawn to Rosie’s English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes, where she has taught as a volunteer teacher in the Women’s Education Center for the past three years. During this time, Tedeschi has taught women, young and old, from places as far away as Somalia, Honduras, the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

“The women in my classes know it’s important to advance in the U.S.,” Tedeschi said. “It’s remarkable what lengths students will go to; one guest takes four busses to class.”

Sara Jorgensen, director of the women’s education center, wrote, “Judy has been a wonderful, flexible volunteer – always willing to jump in where we need her. She’s taught everything from our pre-literacy class, which is our most beginner level, on up through a Level 3 class. Her warmth really helps her connect with students, allowing them to feel comfortable and have fun. She’s a pleasure to have as part of our program.”

Today, Tedeschi works part-time as a digital marketing consultant, which allows her the opportunity to teach at Rosie’s Place a couple of times each week, as well to volunteer at the shelter’s special events alongside her family.

“I find teaching fascinating, challenging, rewarding,” Tedeschi said. “I’m so glad I made the commitment. I love it. Teaching makes me happier than anything I do.”

To learn more about Rosie’s Place, including volunteering opportunities, visit rosiesplace.org.

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