New Upgrades Are Coming to 11 Isabella Street in Bay Village

Located next to an abandoned building and surface parking lot in the Bay Village, another building is set to get some renovations along Isabella Street.

Two brothers, Benjamin and Daniel Moll of Arx Urban architects and active members in the Bay Village community, presented their plans to update a four story brick building at 11 Isabella Street.

Although the architecture team usually focuses on middle-income housing across different neighborhoods in Boston, this pet project is for Daniel to expand his living space for his family while being able to remain in neighborhood.

“It is sandwiched between two dilapidated buildings,” said Daniel Moll.

The team will be converting the currently five unit building to four units, and will repurpose the garage, which is currently inaccessible. The garage will be used to add to the square footage of the ground floor unit and a new garden will butt up against the Arlington Parking lot.

Moll said they will work with the Bay Village Architectural Commission to make sure the renovations comply with historical guidelines.

“It is not the most beautiful building,” said Daniel Moll.

The team will condense the HVAC equipment on the roof and replace it with a head house. In addition, the entire front facade will be restored.

By adding the currently unused garage to the building and a penthouse to the roof, the floor-area-ratio will be increased, which worries some in the neighborhood that it may be setting a precedent. They also voiced concerns that it might cause some problems with any future development planned for the parking lot.

“Whatever is going to be behind us, it’s very unlikely it’s going to be us blocking their light,” said Benjamin Moll.

The building needs to get some zoning relief for setbacks in the front and back and for no on-site parking.

There are currently two existing parking spots but in order to use it you have to access it through the Arlington Parking Lot, which the owners of the lot have blocked off.

There was also concern that the two-story building next door, at 10 Isabella Street will be replaced with something that developers want to make as tall, if not taller, than 11 Isabella Street.

“There are a lot of buildings on Isabella Street that have head houses,” said Daniel Moll who didn’t think they would be setting any precedent in height.

Benjamin Moll added that whatever goes in next door would have to seek zoning relief, which requires community feedback.

“We’re just adding a little more square footage to make sure my family can use it,” said Daniel Moll.

Benjamin Moll added, “We want to be here.”

This development will be down the street from the New Boston Ventures project at the old Our Lady Victories Church and rectory at 25-29 Isabella Street. They bought the property in 2017 with plans to redevelop the properties into a complex called the Marc, which is currently under construction.

The Marc will be a boutique style condo building with nine ultra luxury units with garage parking.

The Bay Village Neighborhood Association voted to not oppose the 11 Isabella Street project.

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