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Summer Construction

Season is Upon Us

It seems that everywhere you look, there are multiple contractor parking permits posted on Beacon Hill’s streets. Your eyes and ears as neighbors are important to the Beacon Hill Civic Association in letting us know of the proper use of these permits.

To obtain their initial permits, contractors must visit the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) at City Hall. There, they pay for and are given a parking permit, usually limited to a two-week period and a length of two parking spaces, depending on the equipment needed for the project. After the initial two-week period, they must come to the BHCA to fill out a Contractor Affidavit signed by them and the BHCA.  They then take this form to City Hall to renew their permit. This process allows us to keep an eye on the many projects going on in the neighborhood, and to convey any complaints and concerns about parking that neighbors have reported to us.

It is important, therefore, to let the BHCA know if these permits are being used improperly. Sending photos with comments to [email protected] is the best way to go. The BHCA works with the BTD to ensure that contractors have the access they need to complete their work with as minimal negative impact on residents as possible. While the contractors should remove the permits when their work has been completed, residents can remove any permits that have expired. Plastic cones and moveable No Parking signs are not allowed to hold spots overnight.


BHCA Neighborhood

Guide coming soon

Would you like to have your company listed in the business directory of the Beacon Hill Neighborhood Guide? Would you like to place an advertisement? If so, please contact Katie Beaver at the BHCA at 617-227-1922 or at [email protected] for more information.


Volunteers Needed

The BHCA is always looking for volunteers who are willing to lend their time and talents to the organization. Stuffing envelopes, answering phones, assisting with events, and any general help is greatly appreciated. If you are interested, please contact Katie Beaver at [email protected].

Come join us!

Beacon Hill Civic Association committees and special events bring together volunteers and neighbors, working together to assure a good quality of life on the Hill. All residents are welcome to become members and participate.


Meetings this week

Wednesday, August 1: Cambridge Street Committee Meeting. 6pm. 74 Joy Street.  Zoning & Licensing Committee Meeting. 7pm. 74 Joy Street.


Upcoming Special Events

Young Friends Social – July 25

Beacon Hill Meet & Greet – Aug. 6

Historic Preservation Roundtable – Aug. 15

Fall HillFest – Sept. 23

Visit the Beacon Hill Civic Association website or call the office (617-227-1922) for more information.

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