Outgoing DA Dan Conley Endorses Greg Henning for Suffolk County District Attorney

Candidate for Suffolk County District Attorney Greg Henning today received the endorsement of outgoing Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley.

Conley joined Henning to talk to voters at a door-to-door campaign canvass in Hyde Park on Saturday, Aug. 18, at 11 a.m., starting in Cleary Square, at the corner of Hyde Park Avenue and River Street.

“Greg Henning’s unparalleled experience makes him the clear choice to serve as the next Suffolk County District Attorney,” said Conley. “Greg has proven himself to be a leader among his peers in smart prosecution and community engagement. The next District Attorney needs to prioritize public safety while continuing Suffolk County’s leadership in reforming prosecution practices, such as expanding the state’s first Conviction Integrity Program. From his plan to address unsolved shootings, to his proposed Law Enforcement Early Diversion mentoring program, Greg has proven he is ready to do this job, and I am proud to endorse him.”

Greg has worked in the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office under DA Dan Conley for ten years and currently serves as Chief of the office’s Gang Unit. Greg started at the DA’s office in 2007 and was appointed Chief of the Gun Prosecution Task Force shortly after. He left the office in 2011 to teach eighth grade English and 12th grade constitutional law at Boston Preparatory Charter Public School. In 2013, he returned to the DA’s office and has been there since.

“District Attorney Dan Conley has worked to keep the residents of Suffolk County safe for 16 years. Under his leadership, the Suffolk County DA’s office has implemented strategies that helped reduce incarceration by 40 percent countywide, started a process to deal with police-involved shootings known as the “Boston Model” that has delivered unprecedented levels of transparency, and dedicated more resources to working with victims and witnesses of violent crime to ensure their safety and protection,” said Henning. “I am honored to have his support in this campaign so I can build on the work he’s done as Suffolk County’s next DA.”

Greg Henning is running for Suffolk County district attorney to keep our neighborhoods safe from gun violence, devote resources to fighting the opioid epidemic, and create mentoring programs to ensure that young people get a second chance. During this campaign, he’s released a plan to fully staff a countywide Unsolved Shootings Unit that would investigate nonfatal shootings and remove more guns from our streets; and a plan to create a mentorship program called Law Enforcement Early Diversion, or LEED, which would pair law enforcement professionals, such as Assistant District Attorneys and police officers, with young people throughout Suffolk County.

The Democratic Primary for the open race to replace outgoing Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley is on Tuesday, September 4, and the General Election is on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

For 10 years, Greg has worked as an assistant district attorney in the Suffolk County DA’s office, including time as head of the Gun Prosecution Task Force and as head of the Gang Unit, which is focused on shootings and other violent crimes in Suffolk County. In addition to his work at the DA’s office, Greg built a reputation as a beloved teacher and mentor in the community, and his career has been marked by a deep passion for reaching young people.

In 2009, Greg started volunteering, coaching, and tutoring at College Bound Dorchester. He left the DA’s office in 2011 to become a teacher at Boston Preparatory Charter Public School in Hyde Park, teaching eighth grade English and twelfth grade constitutional law. Even after he returned to the DA’s office in 2013, he remained a consistent part of his students’ lives.

Son of Boston news reporter John Henning, Greg grew up in Boston, graduated from Harvard in 2002 with a degree in Government, and received his juris doctorate in 2005 from the University of Virginia School of Law. He completed a clerkship for the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit in Macon, Georgia, before returning to Boston to begin work as a prosecutor. Greg lives in Dorchester with his girlfriend, who is a special education teacher in Boston.

You can read more about Greg Henning and his vision for Suffolk County at his website www.greghenning.com.

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