BWSC Finishing Up Design Phase of Hill Contract

The Boston Water and Sewer Commission is currently finishing the design phase on a contract for the water-main replacement and drainage upgrades on Bowdoin, Derne, Hancock, Cambridge and Lynde streets, as well as a small portion of Mt. Vernon Street near Hancock Street.

BWSC spokesman Stephen Mulloney wrote that the project’s scope includes replacement of 16-inch and 10-inch water-mains on Bowdoin Street from Cambridge to Derne streets; water replacement at the intersection of Bowdoin and Cambridge streets to tie new mains into existing mains on Cambridge Street; replacement of 16-inch and 12-inch mains on Derne Street from Bowdoin to Hancock streets; installation of new storm drain on Derne Street to separate stormwater from combined sewer, which will connect to an existing storm drain on Bowdoin Street; replacement of a 12-inch water main on Hancock Street from Cambridge to Mt. Vernon streets; installation of a new storm-drain on Hancock Street from Mt. Vernon to Derne streets; and replacement of a 12-inch main on Mt. Verno Street from Joy to Hancock streets.

The BWSC expects to bid this project over the winter, with construction slated to begin next spring, according to Mulloney.

“We expect the project to last two construction seasons, ” he wrote.

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