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Every time it rains, the potential exists for thousands of pounds of pet waste to wash down storm drains and into streams, rivers and lakes. If not disposed of properly, pet waste flows directly into nearby bodies of water without being treated at wastewater treatment facilities. Pet waste can contain bacteria that threaten the health of animals and people, especially children. It also contains nutrients that encourage excess weed and algae growth, causing water to become cloudy and green — unattractive for swimming, boating and fishing. Excess nutrients are a major cause of water quality decline. When pet waste is washed into rivers and streams the waste decays, using up oxygen and sometimes releasing ammonia. Low oxygen levels and ammonia combined with warm temperatures can kill fish and other aquatic life.

In Boston, you are required by law to remove and dispose of your dog’s waste. This applies to waste on sidewalks, streets and parks, and neighbors’ yards. You must be prepared to clean up after your dog when walking them, either with a bag or some other means. The law also states that you must dispose of the waste either in a toilet or trash can. PLEASE do not leave dog waste bags in tree pits, in the street, on neighbors’ doorsteps, or at parks and playgrounds.

The BHCA is working on a solution to make pet waste containers more accessible to dog owners and dog walkers on Beacon Hill, to improve our quality of life and to keep our neighborhood beautiful. If you’d like to be involved in this effort, please contact the BHCA office at [email protected].


Last Friday, the BHCA was pleased to have Boston City Councilor At-Large Annissa Essaibi-George attend our monthly Coffee Hour. There she spoke of her passion for quality public and vocational education, attention to homeless students and their families, and access to quality mental health and recovery treatment and services.

Also, BHCA Director Jamie Ewing gave an overview of the BHCA Architecture Committee, their vison and goals to keep Beacon Hill preserved according to the guidelines established by the act of the Massachusetts General Court in 1955, which created the Historic Beacon Hill District.

Come join us for our next informative First Friday Coffee Hour on April 5th when Janet Tiampo, BHCA Director and Co-Chair of the BHCA Membership Committee, will speak.

Upcoming BHCA Meetings

Monday, March 11: Board of Directors Meeting; 7pm at 74 Joy Street.

Other upcoming BHCA Events

Forum – MGH 2019 IMP Projects – Tuesday, March 12th, 6pm at 74 Joy Street

Founders Circle Reception – Tuesday, April 30th

New Members Reception – May 2nd

BHCA Annual Meeting – May 20th

BHCA Plans Community Forum concerning MGH Expansion

The Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has proposed building a major addition to its facilities along Cambridge and Blossom Streets. The buildings will include a pair of 12-story towers with 450 hospital rooms, as well as inpatient and outpatient services; underground parking; and a service facilities building. The Boston Globe noted that this project “promises to reshape a busy stretch of downtown Boston between Government Center and the Longfellow Bridge.”

The Civic Association will be holding a public meeting on Tuesday, March 12th at 74 Joy St. from 6-7:30 pm to discuss the project. Representatives of MGH will present the project, and will be available to answer questions and take comments from the audience.

A description of the project is available from the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) website or by using this link: (187 pages, PDF)

Comments on this phase of the review are due to the BPDA by March 22nd. If you wish to submit written comments, those should be submitted to:

Katelyn Sullivan, Senior Project Manager

Boston Planning & Development Agency

Once City Hall Square, Boston, MA 02201

[email protected]Visit the Beacon Hill Civic Association website or call the office (617-227-1922) for more information on any of these events.

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