Letter to the Editor

Time to Adopt a New Strategy

To the Editor,

I am a 21-year old university student at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, UK. There, I study Psychology and International Relations, with a focus on terrorism studies. Part of the reason why I chose this speciality was due to the Boston Marathon Bombing – the confusion I felt during this time, the frustration I felt with those who conducted the attack, and the sadness I felt that they had been members of the society who were quite similar in age to me, growing up just a quick drive away.

Throughout my studies, it has been revealed that the United States’ current counter-terrorism strategy is insufficient in the face of the threat. As such, I make a call to Bostonians as we approach another election cycle to adopt a new strategy: support efforts to alleviate global poverty by calling and emailing Congress, asking them to protect the International Affairs Budget or donating to the cause. In this way, we can deter the terrorist threat.

I thank Senators Warren and Markey and Representative Lynch for their advocacy for the International Affairs Budget.

Grace Vaule

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