Devonia Antiques Leaving Neighborhood

A fixture of the neighborhood for around two decades, Devonia Antiques will close its storefront at 15 Charles St. next month.

“It came as a surprise last week when I learned that my rent is being raised by around 56 percent,” said Lori Hedtler, the business owner. “It sort of made the decision for me that it is time to consolidate and move out of Beacon Hill, as sad as that is.”

Lori Hedtler, owner of Devonia Antiques.

Devonia Antiques opened around 20 years ago above Toscano restaurant, where it remained for about a decade before relocating to the its current home. 

“It’s a beautiful location… and I’m sure someone else will  love it and have as and have as much success as I have had there,” Hedtler said.

Hedtler expressed her gratitude to the many Beacon Hill residents who have patronized the business for holiday gifts, bridal showers and anniversaries, among other special occasions.

“Our main goal was to set the table because on Beacon Hill all the homes were designed for entertaining with the dining room as the focus,” Hedtler said.

Meanwhile, Devonia Antiques will remain an online presence and continue to operate its West Palm Beach, Fla., location, and at Bergdorf Goodman on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

“I had a very good run of 20 years and through our website and other locations, I hope to still hear from my clients on Beacon Hill and in Boston,” Hedtler said.

Devonia Antiques is offering 50 percent off all merchandise until July 2. For more information, visit or call 617-523-8313.

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