BHAC Approves Application to Change Starbucks Signage

The Beacon Hill Architectural Commission unanimously approved an application to replace the blade and storefront signage at Starbucks’ 123 Pinckney St. location to reflect the company’s trademark white-and-green colors with minor provisos during its July 18 public hearing at City Hall.

The commission also unanimously approved an application to remove the grates from six second-story windows at 81 Beacon St. with the stipulations that the rear elevation be restored to its original appearance, and that it be painted to match the existing color.

In addition, the commission unanimously approved an application to install to install a gas shot-off valve adjacent to the courtyard area at 107 Chestnut St. with minor provisos.

Meanwhile, the commission voted to deny without prejudice an application to enlarge an existing window to provide access to the rear deck at 103 Pinckney St. on the grounds that its regulations prohibit making windows bigger on historic facades.

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