Letters to the Editor : Our Support Is Resolute

To the Editor:

U.S. Congresswoman Ayanna S. Pressley

7th District of Massachusetts

1108 Longworth HOB Washington, DC 20515

Dear Congresswoman Pressley:

As you know-we’ve had the honor of your presence at our meetings-the Boston Ward 5 Democratic Committee advocates for Democrats in local, state, and national elections.

We also support public policies that are important to our community, and we help our neighbors stay informed on the issues that impact their lives, and those of their families. The 50+ members of our committee feel compelled to speak up.

As you have.

We are writing to express our deep appreciation and support for your courageous, thoughtful, and fierce response to the rash of racist and hateful tweets directed at you by the current occupant of the White House. We at the Ward 5 Democratic Committee are proud to have a person like you, who is so committed to building a more equitable, compassionate and just world, representing us in Washington, D.C.

We listened closely and watched carefully during your press conference on July 15, as you called out the president in an eloquent, knowledgeable, and authoritative manner for his erroneous, mean-spirited, callous and xenophobic comments.

This is not the America we know. You made it very clear that hate speech has no place in a functioning Democracy. What is more, you kept your response focused on the issues at hand; you didn’t “take the bait.” Rather, you took a firm stand with dignity and grace.

Your continued opposition to the Administration’s ignorant, bigoted, abusive, and inhumane immigration policies at the border and practices is badly needed.

This president has it all wrong. You have it right.

To quote from the House Resolution condemning his actions:

… “Whereas Benjamin Franklin said at the Constitutional convention, “When foreigners after looking about for some other Country in which they can obtain more happiness, give a preference to ours, it is a proof of attachment which ought to excite our confidence and affection” …

You lift up the voices of the forgotten so they can be heard. You stand by them, never allowing them to feel alone, disenfranchised, or dismissed. Likewise, you did so for your constituents in Boston when they needed you. You spoke so clearly on behalf of many­ among them vulnerable women and girls.

Congresswoman Pressley, your core values shine through. They reflect the real reason why America is truly great; why this is the land we love.

In the current environment, which is harsh beyond words, standing up to relentless attacks has to be difficult.

Please know that our support is resolute, unwavering, and unquestioned. We will never forget what you have done-and continue to do.

In solidarity,

The Boston Ward 5 Democratic Committee

Sharon Durkan, Chair, Coleman Lynds, 1st Vice-Chair, Patricia Amend, 2nd Vice-Chair, Diane Barry, Secretary, Robert Binney, Treasurer, Hilary Bacon Gabrieli, Executive Committee, Gretchen Bennett, Executive Committee, Katherine Judge, Executive Committee, Rep. Jay Livingstone, Ex-Officio, and Councilor Josh Zakim, Ex-Officio

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