Esplanade Association Seeking Donations for Murals

The Esplanade Association is currently seeking $10,000 in donations to underwrite the cost of installing new murals on three pump-houses in the park.

The artists commissioned to paint the murals are Solei, a local artist, muralist and curator who serves as creative director at Brain Arts Organization, gallery director at Dorchester Art Project and curator at 1369 Coffeehouse; Sophy Tuttle, a visual artist born in Colchester, England, currently residing in Medford who has outdoor and indoor murals on display from Massachusetts to Mexico; and Ann Lewis, a multidisciplinary activist artist based in Detroit, Mich., who uses painting, installation and participatory performance to explore themes related to American identity, power structures, and justice.

Local artist Silvia Lopez Chavez’s mural, “Patterned Behavior,” on the Charles River Esplanade.

“We’re really pleased to have selected three great women artists to create thoughtful and park-appropriate murals in three different spots along the Esplanade,” said Michael Nichols, executive director of the Esplanade Association. “We’re excited to get them up during the peak season in the park and think they will enhance the experience for visitors to the Esplanade.”

Painting the new murals is the last step in a process that began with a donating matching fund from the Department of Conservation and Recreation, which enabled the Esplanade Association to remove graffiti from the pump-houses and restore them to their original condition, Nichols said.

The Esplanade Association took on a similar endeavor two years ago when through a partnership with the Boston nonprofit Now + There, it commissioned local artist Silvia Lopez Chavez to paint her “Patterned Behavior” mural on a concrete underpass just west of the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge.

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