ALKU Scholarship COVID-19 Relief Funds Are Now Available

ALKU, in partnership with Mass Mentoring Partnership (MMP), has awarded additional relief funds to its ALKU Scholarship recipients to use towards their education. 

Recent events directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic have created new obstacles for students everywhere, but especially for students already facing hardship. ALKU acknowledged the impact this pandemic would have on its scholarship recipients and acted accordingly, by providing additional scholarship funds to past recipients.

“Since ALKU was established, we have been able to see the benefit of giving back to our community. With a pandemic comes added hardship and increased need for support. Now, more than ever, is a time to give back. The ALKU scholars are bright, dedicated students and their commitment to continuing through this hardship has inspired us to show our support,” -ALKU CEO, Mark Eldridge. 

ALKU recognizes that in all circumstances, education remains a top priority, and that in these unique times, preparations may be extra stressful. ALKU and MMP want to help previous ALKU Scholarship recipients relieve some of this financial burden by offering extra funds for education.

“After graduating from high school, I decided to take a year off to work and raise the rest of the funds I needed to go to UMass. Last month, when I got the news from ALKU that I received extra funds, I was relieved to know that this was what I needed to finally attend school without the stress of having to pay an insane amount of money—I am very grateful for their support!” -Julian Vivesca, ALKU Scholarship Recipient 2018

The ALKU Scholarship was founded in 2015 as a way to expand ALKU’s outreach within the mentoring community. The ALKU Scholarship creates the opportunity to directly impact a rising Massachusetts high school senior that has been positively impacted by a mentoring relationship. This impact is seen financially with a monetary scholarship, as well as with the creation of a community of recipients, mentors, advocates, and connections. 

“Mentorship has changed my life a lot. Before Carol [my mentor] I really did not have anyone to help with college as no one in my family ever went. She has helped me become the best version of myself. If it wasn’t for her, I would not be in college and working somewhere.” -Marta Pleitez, ALKU Scholarship Recipient 2016.

ALKU is currently looking for its sixth recipient to receive the $30,000 ALKU Scholarship and is thrilled to give back to the mentoring community. In Marta’s words: “I would tell future applicants to just be honest when filling it [the application] out. ALKU really wants to know the obstacles you have been through and wants to help in any way they can. Don’t be afraid to have to open up a little to express these obstacles.” All eligible individuals who would benefit from this opportunity are encouraged to apply here:

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