Beacon Hill Women’s Forum October Speaker Talks Purposeful Innovation

By Ariana Hanley

Members of the Beacon Hill Women’s Forum (BHWF) gathered virtually on Zoom Tuesday, October 13 for the October 2020 Forum.  To introduce our Neighborhood Narrative we took a virtual trip down Charles Street and got a tour of Crush & Whitney + Winston.  The owners of these charming boutiques are Laura Macris and Rebecca Hall, who also happen to be childhood friends from Connecticut.  Shoppers can visit their boutique locations in the city to find the perfect casual chic or elegant cocktail attire!     

The keynote speaker for our October Forum was Sarah Biller.  Sarah is a FinTech aficionado to say the least as she is currently the Executive Director of Vantage Ventures, the Co-Founder of the FinTech Sandbox, and the Co-Founder of Capital Market Exchange.  Thus far in her career she has gained experience in various parts of the financial services industry through her roles as an executive, academic, entrepreneur, and investor.  Sarah has a passion to do something that will make a difference to all parts of the United States.  Although she will admit she has had the most fun in her entrepreneur activities, her focus remains on the connection of financial services and technology.  Her career goal is to amplify world changing ideas and utilize purposeful innovation to solve problems.

Sarah’s most recent work with Vantage Ventures is taking place in West Virginia.  Having grown up in a rural town of West Virginia, Sarah is currently residing back in her childhood town near her father.  Her team is currently working directly with the Virgin Hyperloop Certification Center on a travel pod which floats on air, is pushed by an environmentally sensitive electric motor, and can travel at 700mph!  Just imagine being able to travel from Boston to New York in just 20 minutes!  Sarah and her team are working on making this incredible innovative idea a reality. 

With a focus on enabling entrepreneurs everywhere and creating fluidity and mobility among the venture capital industry, Sarah’s work is making a huge difference to the world around us.  Sarah’s words were a reminder that the world demands more of us and one can accomplish great things through hard work and determination. 

The Beacon Hill Women’s Forum is a nonprofit organization established to help bring women in and around Beacon Hill together to form a close community of support and inspiration.  We welcome a speaker, always a woman with a unique, formidable story to tell, to our monthly Forums which meet on the second Tuesday of the month, virtually, from 6pm to 8pm (virtual social hour, followed by the program starting at 7pm sharp).  Visit The Beacon Hill Women’s Forum website to learn more about our membership options.

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