City Offers Tips for Keeping Rats at Bay

Rats are an unfortunate reality of city living, and to that end, the Environmental Sanitation Department has some tips from keeping rodents and pests at bay.

Besides keeping your living space clean, other suggestions include sealing all holes around pipes, heating ducts and under cabinets; cleaning all hidden areas under stoves and refrigerators on a regular basis; keeping your yard clean and cutting the grass; storing garbage in metal or heavy plastic containers with tight fitting lids; and removing weeds and debris near buildings and in yards.

Moreover, don’t leave pet food outside; place bird food in a feeder, not on the ground, and clean up spillage daily; clean up animal waste frequently; hire a licensed, insured pest control company familiar with IPM (Integrated Pest Management) techniques; be sure to seal any openings to the house, even above ground level; and repair any breaks in the sewer line connecting your home with the main sewer system.

The Norway Rat (Rattus Norvegicus) is the most common rat in the North East Region, according to the city’s Environmental Sanitation Department, and they generally live for one year at which time they can have six to 12 “pups” per litter, up to seven times a year.

Rats typically burrow in the ground, under buildings and rubbish, and usually living well within 150 feet of food and water source.

The city’s Environmental Sanitation Department conducts inspections to make sure there is no rodent infestation present on a property by filing pest management reports; educating residents about mosquitoes and rodents; permitting and reviewing construction plans; and conducting baiting and trapping each season.

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