Area Schools Join to Support ‘Spring Eternal’ Event

The Advent School and Park Street School and their students will join the upcoming neighborhood “Spring Eternal “event by participating in a contest to name the events logo, a Shopping Duck designed by Remy Stressenger, owner of the new clothing boutique REMYS at 96 Charles St.

 The “Spring Eternal” event will be a celebration of Beacon Hill small businesses, and is being developed in partnership with the Beacon Hill Business Association, The Beacon Hill Civic Association and The Beacon Hill Village. It will take place on Charles Street on Saturday, May 22, and Sunday, May 23. The idea is, after a long pandemic season, to get area residents out and about in the sun and to safely visit Charles Street stores with a chance to win many prizes.

After designing the “Spring Eternal” logo, Remy suggested that it would be fun to involve and challenge the students of The Advent School and Park Street School to provide a name for the shopping duck logo, and to provide a black-and-white illustration for students to color in as well. All this artwork will be displayed in the windows of Charles Street Businesses prior to the main event.

 “Beacon Hill is a special community with a quintessential New England Main Street feel along Charles Street,” said Remy Stressenger. “This neighborhood is where I raised my children and where I am so proud to have opened my store, REMY. The small businesses that line Charles Street, and a few adjacent streets, represent people’s dreams and hard work.”

Small businesses need support from their community to survive. and while the ‘Spring Eternal’ event is a great way to get everyone out and shopping along Charles Street, I hope the message continues so that we always have the ‘Mom and Pop’ shops that make not only our community but our country strong.”

 Nicole DuFauchard of The Advent School and Tracy Bradley of Park Street School readily agreed that joining in the neighborhood event would be fun for their students.

 “The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of our city,” said Nicole DuFauchard, Head of School at The Advent School. “The Advent School is embedded in the Beacon Hill community and has been for close to 60 years. As a school, participating in the ‘Spring Eternal’ Beacon Hill Spring Stroll shows our students the importance of investing in local businesses. We teach all students that being an advocate for their communities is one way they can make lasting, positive change in the world. Any show of support – big or small – is one way to effect change.”  

 Tracy Bradley, Head of School at the Park Street School added, “Park Street School is thrilled to support Beacon Hill’s local businesses and is excited for ‘Spring Eternal.’ It’s been such a tough year for so many. We are grateful for the opportunity to support our local restaurants particularly through this event. As you have supported us through these years, it is our privilege to champion you, our local businesses! Thanks to Remy Stressenger’s fun ‘Shopping Duck’ logo, our students are excitedly anticipating in ‘Spring Eternal’ by coloring their own ‘Shopping Ducks’ and brainstorming creative names for them. And, we look forward to participating as families in the ‘Spring Eternal,’ all-day, street-wide event on Charles Street on May 22. We hope to see many of you there.”

One winning name for the shopping duck logo will be selected from each school. Stressenger will then select the final name that will emblazon the chest of the duck.  Each winner from each school will be awarded a Morgan Silver Dollar from the 1800s.  Already the submissions from students are pouring in. Good luck to all.

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