Inaugural ‘Spring Eternal’ Event an Unmitigated Success

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What a glorious day it was for the one-square mile we call home on Saturday, May 22, which marked the kick off of the inaugural “Spring Eternal!” event on Beacon Hill. 

 “So many anecdotes to be collected and recorded,” wrote event organizer Mark Duffield. “The neighborhood was out in force to support small business in a big way.  All of you contributed mightily and sacrificed something to make this work and you are to be commended in the highest possible way.

Pictured, left to right, are, City Councilors Kenzie Bok and Michelle Wu; Jack and Cassie Gurnon, owners of Charles Street Supply Co.; Rep. Jay Livingstone; and Darrell Byers, CEO of Interise.

City Councilor Kenzie Bok, Rep. Jay Livingstone and Darrell Byers, CEO of Interise, as well City Councilor, Michelle Wu, “came to support us put such heart and commitment into our efforts to mend and heal our neighborhood ravaged by the pandemic,” said Duffield, who also expressed his deepest gratitude to his “Boston Brothers,” Jordan Rich and Bill Brett.

“Through their gifted work in radio and photography they illuminate everything they touch and in troubled times such as we are in,” wrote Duffield. “Aren’t we all fortunate to have them in our midst?”

Tom McDonough from Mayor Kim Janey’s office also deserves special thanks for supporting, “Spring Eternal,” Duffield said.

Duffield also thanked his sister, Sharon Duffield, for her help with this event, as well as for her lifelong commitment to helping others. 

“And always a shout out to the Beacon Hill Times and Stephen Quigley and Dan Murphy who more than any single element made Spring Eternal a success and worked tirelessly to bring the project to light and in so doing helped many businesses survive a bit longer,” Duffield added. “And finally, a thank you to Josh Brogadir and our friends at WCVB for covering the event.  They were covering many breaking stories yesterday and still managed to send along a cameraman to help us. WCVB, distinguished in so many ways, has always been the best friend to neighborhood communities and documenting and recording the voices never heard elsewhere.

“Well, our friend and treasure to all, Markus Ripperger you are up next! Let me know today when I can bring all the donated gifts over to you and we will plan the ceremony when we can invite the multiple winners of the Spring Eternal drawing to have their day in the sun and a way to thank, collectively, through them all residents for participating,” Duffield added.

In conclusion, Duffield wrote, “And soon enough more tests.   I hope that next year, should this idea survive, that whoever takes up the project can find a way to include an additional 50 and more businesses.”

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