Beacon Hill Went With Wu and Campbell During Last Week’s Preliminary Election

While Boston voters as a whole picked Michelle Wu and Anissa Essaibi George to advance to the November General Election for Boston Mayor, Beacon Hill voters supported Wu and Andrea Campbell for Mayor.

Voters narrowed the field of Boston Mayoral candidates down to two and the field of At-Large City Council Candidates down to eight was last Tuesday.

In Beacon Hill Wu received 680 votes followed by Campbell who ended election night in Beacon Hill with 399.

The top two vote getters in Beacon Hill were followed by Essaibi George who received 244 Beacon Hill votes.

Acting Kim Janey was next and finished fourth among Beacon Hill voters with 119 votes. John Barros rounded out the field with only 52 Beacon Hill votes.

A breakdown of the election in Beacon Hill shows that Wu was very popular among voters across Ward 5, Precincts 3 through 6. Wu outpaced the other candidates in all Beacon Hill Precincts.

However, while Essaibi George was able to finish second citywide during the Preliminary it was Campbell that Beacon Hill voters wished made it into the final.

Wu only bested Campbell by 281 votes in Beacon Hill’s three precincts and outpaced Essaibi George here by 155 votes.

In the At-Large race newcomer Ruthzee Louijeun topped the ticket in Beacon Hill with 534 votes.

Incumbent At-Large City Councilor Michael Flaherty. Flaherty, who has always enjoyed good support from Beacon Hill voters, came in second here with 531 votes followed by incumbent At-Large City Councilor Julia Mejia who received 478 votes here.

Jon Spillane, who did not make it into the final eight and was unable to advance to the General Election, was fourth among Beacon Hill voters in the At-Large race and ended the night with 372 votes. 

Citywide Michael Flaherty, Julia Mejia, Ruthzee Louijeun, Erin Murphy, Carla Monteiro, Dave Halbert, Althea Garrison, and Bridget Nee-Walsh all advanced to the November election.

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