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Neighborhood Forum

The Beacon Hill Civic Association will be holding a “Neighborhood Forum” event in person at 74 Joy Street, Beacon Hill, on April 7, 2022, beginning at 6:00 PM to discuss the City of Boston’s new plan to replace all of the over one thousand existing historic gas street lamps now present in Beacon Hill with brand new LED electric light fixtures. The Neighborhood Forum will also be broadcast live over Zoom for those unable to attend in person. The BHCA believes that it is important to have a robust and transparent discussion about the City’s plan to remove all of Beacon Hill’s historic gas street lamps, and how such a massive, multi-year project will affect the residents of our neighborhood.

The BHCA has invited the key City officials who are leading this replacement plan to our April 7th Neighborhood Forum, and we have asked them to come to explain to our Beacon Hill residents the City’s current rationale for removing the historic gas street lights on Beacon Hill, including the City’s estimate of the anticipated net reduction in greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions that would result from the removal of Beacon Hill’s gas lamps. We have also asked them to come to respond to the many questions we have received from our Beacon Hill residents concerning the anticipated cost of removing and replacing the existing Beacon Hill gas street lights, which we estimate will range from $12 million to $15 million, and the anticipated multi-year disruption to our neighborhood from the removal and replacement of the existing gas street lamps, including as well the removal of the underground gas lines, the installation of new electric power lines, and the attendant repair of the sidewalks and streets all over the entirety of Beacon Hill.

Beacon Hill residents are invited and strongly encouraged to attend this Neighborhood Forum in person or remotely, to learn more about the City’s plan to remove all of the historic gas street lights from our historic neighborhood.

For more information about the Neighborhood Forum, please call 617-227-1922 or email [email protected].

Beacon Award Nominations Requested

The Beacon Hill Civic Association invites the community to nominate candidates for the 25th Annual Beacon Award. Instituted in 1997 by the BHCA as part of its Diamond Jubilee Year, the Beacon Award annually honors those individuals or groups deserving of particular recognition for significant and sustained contribution to the Beacon Hill community.

Nomination forms are available online at or by calling BHCA at 617-227-1922. A new form should be completed for each individual nomination submitted and should be returned to the Beacon Hill Civic Association no later than Friday, April 4th. Nominations will be reviewed and a winner will be selected by a committee composed of representatives from the BHCA and the community at large.

The 2022 Beacon Award will be presented at the BHCA 100th Annual Meeting, to be held May 16, 2022 at the Union Club of Boston.

Thank You to our Centennial Gala Sponsors!

We appreciate the continued support of our local businesses including Grogan & Company, The Hampshire House Corporation, Rugg Road, Paws on Charles, Kured, F.H. Perry, the Whitney Hotel, the Beacon Hill Times, and the Boston Guardian. Thank you!

There’s no better time to become a Member of the BHCA!

Are you new to Beacon Hill? This is a great time to join the BHCA as we begin our Centennial year celebrations and look forward to our Annual Meeting for Members on May 16 at the Union Club. You can become a member or renew your membership at If you are unsure of your membership status, please call the office at 617-227-1922 and we will assist you.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Beacon Hill Meet & Greet, Monday, April 4th, 75 Chestnut

Streets & Sidewalks Committee, Tuesday, April 5th, virtual

Neighborhood Forum, Thursday, April 7th, 74 Joy Street and via Zoom

Please contact the office for more details on any of these events.

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