Beacon Hill Garden Club Art Contest

Story by Marianne Salza

Filler, spiller, thriller – opulent creations by Park Street School students will inspire the Beacon Hill Garden Club’s floral window box display at the Charles Street Post Office. Some 40 students in grades K-1-5 drew arrangements that featured elegant spreads, tall statement plants, and cascading greenery.

“The Beacon Hill Garden Club’s civic planting is the Charles Street Post Office’s window box. The assignment was to plant a beautifully imagined window box as inspiration for our future planting,” said Sandra Gilpatrick, Co-Chair, Beacon Hill Garden Club Hidden Gardens Tour 2022. “This work is gorgeous. The participation is strong. This reminds me of going to a flower show.”

On April 29 Gilpatrick joined Ali Ringenburg, Owner of Sloane Merrill Gallery, in judging the art contest that culminates with the 93rd Annual Hidden Gardens Tour, on May 19. Winners will receive JP Licks gift certificates and a Hidden Gardens Tour book.

“My mind immediately goes to composition, color choices, and unique angles of execution. I love this one because you see the window box and the atmosphere around it with the beautiful blue sky and sun,” explained Ringenburg, as she reviewed submissions.

Gilptrick and Ringenburg were stunned by the entries composed using mediums such as mixed media, colored pencils, and crayons. An oil pastel image of tulips outlined with bold, black borders, amazed Ringenburg, who was also impressed by an illustration of a family of flowers arching together in an embrace.

Samaya Rivera, grade 3A, received first place, Lev Ivashchenko, K-2, won second prize, and Charlotte Lewis, 5B, won third place.

“It’s interesting because Samaya didn’t feel as though she needed to add color everywhere, just the plants that she wanted to stand out. The vertical plants are draping,” said Ringenburg about the watercolor and ballpoint pen drawing.

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