BHAC Approves New Balcony Railings for River House

In a matter that was continued from September, the Beacon Hill Architectural Commission unanimously approved as submitted an application for River House on Pinckney Street to replace the existing welded-steel balcony railings with code-compliant aluminum railings at the commission’s monthly public hearing held virtually on Thursday, Nov. 17.

George Sennott of Winthrop-based Eagle Restoration told the commission he would fabricate a mockup to replicate the existing railing system, which would bring the 221-unit condominium complex at 145 Pinckney St. into code compliance. The new railings would be installed on every balcony of the mid-rise building, he said, and each new railing would stand 42 inches high. Sennott added he would use the existing mounting system for the new railings.

River House at 145 Pinckney St.

In lieu of paint, an aluminum powder coat-system would be custom blended to match the existing color for the new railings, said  Sennott.

The commission also unanimously approved as submitted an application for the installation of a new copper gutter at 19 Brimmer St.

The applicant presented two options – one where the “significant” overhang on the dormer would be reduced to accommodate the gutter; and a second option where heavy Scotia crown molding below the gutter would be moved.

The commission’s determination came with provisos that the applicant instead explore the possibility of fabricating a gutter closer to the building’s earlier profile before the installation of the scotia. If that’s not feasible, the applicant would work with BHAC staff (Nick Armata) to find a gutter with a different profile for the reduced overhang. The matter would then be referred to staff for final approval.

The commission unanimously accepted as submitted an application for 94 Beacon St. to remediate the installation of a granite header above a single garage door, as well as for the installation of a new light fixture above the garage door.

The applicant said the header measures 14 inches tall by 6 inches thick, and is 10 feet, 8 inches long to cover the span of door of the garage located at the rear of the property on Beaver Place, while the new light fixture proposed was described as a Bevolo handmade French Quarter copper lantern.

The applicant said they needed to install the granite header initially to cover a portion of the garage where disrepiared bricks had been removed and “assumed  the commission would be okay with it.” The applicant offered to remove the header and replace it with the removed bricks, if that was what the commission desired.

The commission had unanimously approved the replacement of the existing garage door on Beaver Place as part of an earlier application for 94 Beacon St. at its May 19 virtual public hearing, and the applicant said that work has since been done.

The determination came with the proviso that staff would visit the site to verify the dimensions of the granite header already in place there.

An application for 127 Mount Vernon St. to replace the exterior door in kind was scheduled, but the matter wasn’t heard due to the applicant’s failure to appear at the hearing.

Moreover, an application for 17 Louisburg Square to install a new EV charger, and to replace the exterior door in kind, was moved to administrative review because the applicant subsequently revised their application, according to Chair Mark Kiefer.

Another application for 103 Charles St. to install a new intercom was removed from the agenda by staff.

Besides Chair Kiefer, Vice Chair Arian Allen and Commissioners Ed Fleck, Annette Given, and Alice Richmond were on hand for the hearing.

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