Company Offers Private Valet Parking Service to Homes in and Around Beacon Hill and Back Bay

A unique company that got its start earlier this year, Acorn offers private, full-service valet parking options for townhouses and condos in the Back Bay, Beacon Hill, and contiguous neighborhoods. For $590 a month, subscribers can opt for Full Valet Membership. This includes dedicated garage parking for your vehicle, available on demand to your front door; scheduled valet services for consistent commuting times or carpools; and valet parking privileges for guests. Or for $450 a month, customers can purchase a Standalone Guest Valet Membership, which includes parking for all guests directly to your front door, as well as unlimited availability of guest parking booklets for purchase for either nights and weekends or weekdays. Members can also buy deeply discounted passes for multiple guests, making Acorn a great option if members decide to host a dinner party at their homes. Deeply discounted parking passes are also available in bulk for condo associations and developers. Acorn members call or text a dedicated number for pickup and delivery of your vehicle on demand and track the valet in real time through the company’s smartphone app. Members can simply text the service, and their vehicle will be delivered to their front door around 10 or 15 minutes later, or the valet can meet members when they arrive home to drop off their car at the garage. (Acorn works with local neighborhood garages, so the resident doesn’t need to arrange parking themselves.) Moreover, members will access to their vehicles 24/7 should they choose to retrieve them independently of the service.  Acorn will save members the trouble of traversing the neighborhood’s steep slopes in inclement weather, particularly when carrying heavy loads such as baby strollers, sports equipment, or groceries, and without seeing the cost of this convenience reflected in their condo fees.. In fact, Acorn’s services could actually help increase the selling prices for residential units in the city by offering valet parking amenities like those at the Ritz-Carlton and the Four Seasons to single-family homes. Parking spaces in the city can also now fetch as much as $750,000 each in contrast to Acorn’s much more affordable services. Seniors using Acorn’s services will be able to avoid climbing up steep hills in inclement weather or other arduous treks. Other advantages of using Acorn are members will no longer have to worry about street-cleaning schedules, or feel uncomfortable waking to and from the garage at night. Members also won’t have to dig their cars out after snowstorms, nor will they ever need to circle the neighborhood looking for parking on the street. In a testimonial on Acorn’s website, Jim P. of Beacon Hill wrote:  “We’ve been really impressed with the ease of Acorn, and how much it has made day-to-day city life stress free. We can’t imagine living in the city without this fantastic service-we save so much time not walking to and from the garage, or [trawling] for a spot.” Likewise, another Acorn member, Libby M. of the Back Bay, wrote: “Acorn Valet parking service is a game-changer for living in Back Bay. The service is efficient and reliable, and the employees are professional and personable. The cost is reasonable compared to owning a space. My car is parked in a garage, out of the elements, which is perfect for street cleaning, weather emergencies and when I travel. Now that I have Acorn, I am no longer interested buying or renting alley parking.” Meanwhile, Acorn plans to expand into other Boston neighborhoods in the near future. Acorn is headquartered at 20 Park Plaza, Suite 400, in Boston. For more information, call 617-546-5444; email [email protected]; or visit

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