MWRA To Temporarily Shutdown Fluoride System

Starting in late February, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority will be replacing portions of the equipment that feeds fluoride into its drinking water. During this period, MWRA will not be adding fluoride to the water. This work is expected to take about three months to complete.

MWRA has worked closely with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health on this issue. While fluoride is important for dental health, health officials believe that this short-term shutdown will not pose any risk to dental health and will not require any special action by consumers.

Fluoride has been added to the region’s water since the 1970s. The US Centers for Disease Control recommends its usage for reducing tooth decay and promoting community public health. MWRA also consulted with the Department of Public Health Oral Health Office and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, both of which approved this temporary fluoride shutdown.

MWRA treats drinking water from the Quabbin and Wachusett Reservoirs at the John J. Carroll Treatment Plant in Marlborough. In addition to fluoride, water is treated with both ozone and ultraviolet light for disinfection, and the pH is adjusted to make the water less corrosive and less likely to leach lead from home plumbing.

If you have any concerns, check with your dental care provider. For more information on your drinking water, please visit or call MWRA at 617-242-7283.

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