Beacon Hill Garden Club Art Contest

Story by Marianne Salza

Nearly 50 Park Street School students visualized their ideal landscaping for Codman Island in a March 28 Beacon Hill Garden Club art contest. Sandra Gilpatrick, Vice President, Beacon Hill Garden Club, and Ali Ringenburg, Owner and Director of Sloane Merrill Gallery, were impressed by the vibrant pastel and watercolor artwork that featured lush trees, flowing water fountains, and chirping birds.

“The colors are beautiful. I love the imaginations of what could be on the island,” gushed Gilpatrick, fascinated by the multi-tiered levels of flowers. “I would love to see any of these become Codman Island.”

Winners received JP Licks gift certificates. Reed Fullerton, 5th grade, received first place, Tucker Childs, second grade, achieved second place, Ava Turner, 5th grade, earned third place, and Emily Ling, kindergarten, received an honorable mention.

“Reed Fullerton’s Codman Island looks like it has a spectacular, happy apple tree in the middle of the island, surrounded by daffodils and gorgeous flowers,” exclaimed Ringenburg, who appreciated the overlapping background watercolors. “You can feel the essence of the island. The perspective on it is beautiful. It looks like a sanctuary.”

Ringenburg — who judged the elementary artwork that was created under the guidance of Park Street School art teacher, Louise Trombetta – felt like she was standing in the midst of Childs’s painting.

“This I love because you feel like you’re walking into the garden,” observed Ringenburg. “You can smell the flowers. I think it’s spectacular. The sky is beautiful, too.”

Ringenburg was astonished by the realistic representation of Codman Island illustrated in Turner’s painting.

“I love that you can feel that it’s an urban garden, with the brick and blue sky,” Ringenburg explained. “It’s its own little, happy place within the city. The historic lampposts are very Beacon Hill. The tree is remarkably beautiful.”

Kim Twitchell, Director of Communications, Park Street School, is proud of the appreciation students have towards protecting the planet.

“We have units on recycling and taking care of the Earth,” said Twitchell. “We have helped clean the Esplanade in the past.”

Codman Island was constructed in 1987, at the corner of Charles and Beacon Streets, where the Boston Common and Boston Public Garden meet. Volunteers from the Beacon Hill Garden Club, Beacon Hill Civic Association, and Friends of the Public Garden preserve its trees and plantings.

The three committees collaborate with the Boston Public Works Department to maintain the beauty, and prioritize the safety of the traffic island that now has new lampposts to camouflage Wi-Fi equipment. 

“We are having our annual Garden Tour on May 18,” mentioned Gilpatrick. “I wanted to highlight that the Beacon Hill Garden Club does civic planting. “We help maintain tree pits, the Post Office window boxes, the Peter Faneuil [House] garden, and the Old North Church. We give out marathon daffodils to businesses on Charles Street. We do wonderful things for the community, and appreciate everyone’s support.”

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