Bok’s Staff Will Continue To Serve District 8 Constituents

While Kenzie Bok stepped down as District 8 City Councilor on Friday, April 28, to assume her new role as administrator of the Boston Housing Authority, her office at City Hall will continue to serve constituents during the summer in Bok’s absence.

“My staff, with the help of summer interns, will continue to perform constituent casework and community services, and will still liaise with City and State departments for assistance whenever necessary,” Bok wrote in her April 24 weekly email newsletter. “The chief difference, for this period between Councilors, is that the office will no longer be able to take positions on legislative matters or matters related to the Licensing Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, or the Boston Planning and Development Agency. The staff will, however, be happy to connect constituents with the appropriate forum for public comment on any of those matters.”

The remaining District 8 staff who will be available to assist constituents includes Kennedy Avery, chief of staff and liaison to the Fenway; Anthony Baez, director of operations and liaison to Back Bay and Mission Hill; and Jake Werner, director of communications and liaison to West End and Beacon Hill.

“While the District 8 office will be temporarily without a political representative until the next D8 Councilor is elected, basic city services will remain uninterrupted for D8 residents,” Avery wrote in an email. “In fact, our office has hired interns for the summer, so we will have even more capacity to tackle and resolve everyday constituent requests. Talking to residents and working with City Departments to make necessary improvements throughout the district has always been my favorite part of the job. Residents themselves provide a huge service to the district in identifying and reporting issues to our office, so please keep calling and emailing — we’ll be here.”

Likewise, in her April 24 email newsletter, Bok added: “So much of the work we have been able to accomplish in District 8 is thanks to the active participation of residents from across the District; our team looks forward to continuing that partnership over the months to come.”

To reach Bok’s former staff at City Hall, call 617-635-4225.

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