MGH’s LVC Turns 154

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The Massachusetts General Hospital LVC celebrated its 154th year this spring as one of the oldest hospital auxiliaries in the country, providing support in the form of grants to the MGH clinical community.

The LVC currently has 80 members who not only volunteer weekly throughout the hospital but also oversee the MGH General Stores and Flower Shops. Proceeds from these shops help fund patient and community programs, services and activities.

Jen Brountas, an LVC volunteer who lives in Beacon Hill, says, “It is a joy volunteering to do dog therapy at MGH. I feel as if I am giving back to my local community and the world at large who come to MGH for medical help.”

Brountas adds that she never has to worry about where to buy a gift and loves the convenience of being able to shop online or to quickly purchase over the phone when she’s busy and is unable to visit the store in person. “Whether you’re looking for clothing, chocolates or a bouquet of flowers, you can find it at the shops,” she says.

Hattie Kessler, chair of the LVC, says the grants from store sales help a wide range of programs – from helping children who have lost a parent from cancer, to making sure there are books and other items in the Emergency Department to help ease anxiety for elderly patients.

“The next time you are thinking of ordering flowers, buying a special present or celebrating a special occasion with a personalized gift basket, consider shopping locally at the MGH store,” says Kessler. “You’ll feel great knowing your purchase supports many wonderful initiatives.”

For more information, contact the MGH General Stores at or call 617-726-2227.

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