School’s Back – Drive With Caution

With schools going back in session this week and next after the summer vacation, morning rush-hour commuters need to readjust our driving habits to ensure that we take into account the thousands of children who will be filling our streets during our morning commute.

We’ll admit that school buses, school crossing guards, etc. are a pain in the neck, especially if we’re running a bit late on our way to work.

But that is no excuse for ANY sort of driving behavior that does not take into account the safety of the children in our communities.

Every morning commuter needs to be a patient and defensive driver, especially in the first few weeks of school, when youthful exuberance typically results in kids dashing out into the street to greet friends for the start of the new school year.

Each of us is responsible not only for our own safety, but also for the safety of others when we are behind the wheel of a motor vehicle — and that is doubly true when school is back in session.

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