Upstairs Downstairs Hosts Second Annual Fall Event

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This past Thursday evening (Oct. 5),  Upstairs Downstairs Home presented and hosted its second Annual Fall Event/Artist Reception, featuring many local artists and their work combined with the dulcet tones of Beacon Hill’s favorite Seven’s bartender, the talented and beloved balladeer, John Everett Martin.

A large number of excited guests gathered to view and purchase the works of an amazing array of talented artists. Nine artists were in attendance and others sent samples of their work. In alphabetical order they included:  William Cloutman, Marcia Corey, Kevin Doyle, Niki Farrell, Marti Foley, Andrea Guay, Elizabeth Hunter (representing Robert Douglas Hunter), Kate Hunter Kashem, Anne Kilguss, Nancy O’Hearn, Eleanor Score, Sitka, Caroline Walker, and John Young.

Their work as directed and curated by store owner, Laura Cousineau, was beautifully displayed throughout seven locations. Every room and every nook and cranny was a beautiful sight to the eye and each in its own way a separate art gallery unto itself.

Artist Cate Hunter Kashem commented: “I am so honored to be included among this gathering of creative and talented artists.”

Nancy O’Hearn added, “It is wonderful to be here and to share my art with so many of my friends and neighbors.”

And from John Young, who opened a Charles Street gallery back in 1991: “I’ve been a part, one way or another, of the Beacon Hill art scene for over 30 years and delighted to be here this evening alongside so many great local artists.”

Guests from all over enjoyed the waning days of autumn light, the festive atmosphere, meeting and greeting artists and friends, old and new.

Guest Ralph Hingson said, “Laura’s events are always uplifting for the entire street.”.

And from owner Laura Cousineau: “Our second Annual Fall Event/Artist Reception was a large and wonderful gathering and fabulous mix of talented artists and treasured neighborhood friends and neighbors. We are always reminded of how we are so blessed and grateful to be a part of this community and always look to find ways to offer our thanks to each and everyone that enters our door.  I might add that producing any of our large events and running a store year-round cannot be done without a talented, hardworking and dedicated staff that includes Robin, Joan, Reggie, Jennifer, Mark, Reign, Kaitlyn, my son, Quinn, and of course, the behind-the-scenes and anchor of it all, my wonderful husband, Bob.”

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