Ma Maison Offers an Ideal Romantic Setting

Story & Photos by Marianne Salza

Ma Maison is an elegant, French bistro that serves traditional cuisine and fine wine in a warm atmosphere. White linens, fresh flowers and folded cloth napkins set the tables. Master French Chef Jacky Robert and Sam Sosnitsky, co-owners, believe that Ma Maison offers an ideal romantic setting for couples; especially on Valentine’s Day.

Ma Maison co-owners Master French Chef Jacky Robert and Sam Sosnitsky.

“It’s intimate. We have a lot of marriage proposals,” revealed Sosnitsky. “The food, champagne, music, and French ambiance spell romance.”

Ma Maison will be presenting a prix fixe, three course menu for Valentine’s Day, Wednesday, February 14. The menu de amoureux features hors d’oeuvres such as escargots bourguignon in garlic parsley butter, and salmon pate. There will be entrées like pan seared scallops or venison medallions in blueberry sauce, and desserts such as chocolate soufflé and a heart shaped white chocolate raspberry cake.

“It’s a luxurious, sophisticated, romantic experience. We strive for it every day; but especially for Valentine’s Day,” said Sosnitsky.

Désir is a special, Valentine’s Day cocktail shaken on the rocks with vodka, passion fruit emulsion, and Cointreau orange liqueur. A server will garnish it with fresh, black truffle shavings and a rose petal at one’s table.

“They say truffles are an aphrodisiac. It gives it an earthy feeling. We hope for a happy outcome at the end of dinner for everyone,” Sosnitsky smiled.

Sosnitsky compared Ma Maison to a club, where she, Robert, and staff are familiar with the regulars and their palates. Tables are close, and even strangers often socialize over a meal or drink.

“It’s a neighborhood bistro: unpretentious,” describe Sosnitsky. “We elevate it from the way people dine now-a-days. It’s usually fast and casual. I feel like — especially now with social media — people tend to be lonely, and have lost the ability to talk with other humans one-on-one. This place is special in that it’s a little old fashioned and otherworldly in a way. We connect with the basics: good food and friendship.”

Regular, Sandra Gilpatrick, believes Ma Maison to be one of the most romantic restaurants in the area, and a wonderful place to delve into conversation with friends while enjoying authentic, French cuisine.

“When you peel back the heavy, velvet curtain on a cold, winter evening, you enter a cozy, French bistro – like being transported to Lyon without jetlag,” said Gilpatrick, Beacon Hill resident. “I love the quaint space where you are likely to see a neighbor. Ma Maison is a super spot for catch up with your friend without loud background noise, and perfect for a date with your Valentine.”

At Ma Maison, silver platters and stemmed rose light fixtures adorn the walls instead of televisions. Candles and classic French music encourage genuine, leisurely conversation.

“It’s a little like home cooking. That’s why we call it Ma Maison. Translated, it means, “My House,” explained Sosnitsky. “We wanted people to come here and feel like they’re going to a friend’s house for dinner. A lot of the dishes can be shared. Everything is made in house. It’s dainty in presentation, and sophisticated in flavors. It’s elevated cuisine.”

Sosnitsky’s personal recipe for romance is a spending quiet time with her husband and children in their Beacon Hill home. She is fond of receiving fresh flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day; but feels that when accompanied by someone you love, any situation can be a romantic one.

“Talk to each other. Be attentive. Don’t wait for special occasions to eat well,” Sosnitsky suggested. “You can come and have a nice Monday lunch. It’s still an elevated experience and helps you connect to the one you’re with. It’s a little treat for yourself.”

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