Chestnuts Friends Over Fifty Starting Year Off Strong

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The Chestnuts Friends Over Fifty, a Boston nonprofit social group for women over the age of 50, is having another big and active year. 

The Chestnuts brought in almost 40 new members in the fall, with all new members invited to attend a series of three coffees during the year.  These coffees provide a fast track for meeting people and making new friends.

With 170 members and about 12 member-initiated and -led activities per month, there are many opportunities for developing connections. 

Over the holidays the Chestnuts had a Party with a Purpose and raised $3,700 for The Globe Santa Fund.  At the end of February the Chestnuts will have a similar purpose-driven gathering with donations to benefit The Women’s Lunch Place. 

The Chestnuts also recently held two Wine Tasting events.  These events are usually led by a board member and Beacon Hill resident  Beth Sanders. Wine Tastings are plus one events, so many Chestnuts bring a spouse or a friend.  They are lively events with lots of learning about viticulture and oenology..

A newly ventured activity  for the Chestnuts is a Travel Group led by members Melanie Bertani and Lyndsay Duggan. The first meeting was held in January at a member’s home on Chestnut Street in Beacon Hill and the lively discussion that took place focused on travel to Vietnam and Cambodia. In March Chestnuts will arm-chair travel to Australia and New Zealand.

New members from the community are welcome to apply for membership to The Chestnuts between Sept. 1-15.   Information about the Chestnuts, FOF is available at

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