WLP Member Alyssa Moore To Run Marathon in Support of Women Experiencing Homelessness

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Alyssa Moore, an integral member of the Direct Care team at Women’s Lunch Place, is gearing up to run the iconic Boston Marathon on Monday. Her mission goes beyond personal achievement; she’s running to raise funds and awareness for women experiencing homelessness and poverty.

Moore’s  decision to apply for the charity team was deeply rooted in her experiences at Women’s Lunch Place. In her role, she forges connections with women in need, offering not just meals and basic necessities, but also a sense of dignity and respect.

WLP staff member Alyssa Moore is seen training on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall for next Monday’s Boston Marathon.

“We meet women where they are, treat them with dignity and respect, and learn what we can without being pushy or requiring any information,” she said.

After  a period of personal struggle following the loss of her father, Moore found solace in helping others navigate their own challenges. “It’s important for me to help where I can in other women’s lives because life isn’t easy, and the things that seem so small to us can often make the biggest impact,” she explained.

Having developed a knack for connecting with particularly vulnerable and impaired guests, Moore has found purpose in her work.

“I enjoy having the tough conversations and it’s so rewarding when I can break through using patience, compassion, and empathy,” she said. “I know that by showing up consistently, with integrity and a non-judgmental approach, our team can change lives.”

Beyond  her role at Women’s Lunch Place, Moore is an avid runner and dog lover. While she’s experienced in mid-distance running, the Boston Marathon presents an entirely new challenge.

For Moore, the Boston Marathon is more than just a race. Having grown up in the area, she understands the significance of the event.

“To me, it’s an opportunity to represent Women’s Lunch Place and highlight the unique barriers that women experiencing homelessness are facing,” she expressed.

Acknowledging the disparities faced by women in homeless situations, Moore emphasized the critical work done by Women’s Lunch Place. “The work that we’re doing as a shelter and advocacy center recognizes the trauma our guests have experienced,” she said.

Moore’s dedication to running the Boston Marathon is not just about the 26.2 miles; it’s about shedding light on the challenges faced by homeless women every day.

Quoting advocate Doris Romero, a former WLP staff member who has also run the Boston Marathon, Moore said, “26.2 miles is nothing compared to what our ladies go through every day.”

As Moore continues her training and fundraising efforts, she hopes to inspire others to support the vital work of Women’s Lunch Place. To contribute to Alyssa’s campaign, visit https://womenslunchplace.org/marathon-team.

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