Burning Korans

We do not endorse the burning of holy books.

We detest radical Islam and we worry about those who want to cut off our heads, to bomb our shrines and government institutions and who quite often bomb their own using human beings as thought they were ordinance and bombs.

Radical Islamists bomb weddings and funerals. They bomb police stations and hotels. They bomb the religious places of fellow Moslems who worship differently as the slaughter in Iraq between Sunni and Shiite attest.

Americans burning Korans does nothing to advance dialogue or the debate about ours being a more open and tolerant society than any Moslem country in the world.

The Nazis under Hitler held mass book burnings. The Nazis exulted in burning Jewish books, and then, of course, they worked hard to exterminate the Jewish people – but it is the burning of books, the scorching of religious symbols and texts that signaled the extent to which German society was devolving under Hitler.

If we burn Korans, we become the new Nazis – and frankly, this isn’t what we are all about.

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