MBTA outlines Science Park/West End – Station construction plan and schedule

The team behind the MBTA’s $22 million investment in accessibility improvements to the Science Park/West End Station outlined its construction plan and project schedule during a public meeting at the Amy Lowell Apartments last week.

According to officials, the primary goal of the project is to bring the station, which was built in 1954, into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Planned renovations include adding two new elevators, raising and widening the existing platforms and installing “mini-high level” platforms, among other improvements.

The 24-month project is to be completed in four phases, beginning with closing the north platform nearest the Nashua Street Jail for six to nine months and using a platform crossing. Subsequent phases entail closing the south platform for six to nine months and using a platform crossing; replacing the stair towers and constructing the elevators; and using jackhammers for the demolition of platforms.

During construction, the station will be closed for 12 weekends to allow for concrete, power and signal work, as well as another 18 days when the station will remain closed between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. for installation of platform slabs and parapet walls on the viaduct.

Project mitigation will include developing a “maintenance and protection of traffic plan”; performing demolition work during the day to minimize nighttime community impact; controlling dust and construction vehicle emissions; and continuing ongoing community outreach during construction.

The expected completion date of the project is 2012, officials said.

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