BHCA board outlines a list of aspirations for the Hill

The Beacon Hill Civic Association (BHCA) board of directors voted unanimously last Monday to adopt six aspirations outlined in its community plan for the neighborhood.

Michelle Vilms, a former BHCA board member and current Planning and Research Committee member, described the community plan as a “living document” that was created following interviews with more than 75 neighbors, civic leaders and organizations. The strategic plan also includes data gathered from area schools, housing, businesses and non-profits, as well as two community-wide meetings, since the initiative was launched more than two years ago.

One neighborhood aspiration as defined by the document is that “residents enjoy a livable residential neighborhood in the middle of a vibrant city.” Goals for this objective include improving the cleanliness of the neighborhood, promoting attractive and easily accessible public spaces and improving the pedestrian experience, among others.

Another aspiration is that neighbors know each other and are engaged in the community via increasing civic engagement and helping to identify and support the next generation of local leaders.

The community plan also intends to promote a diverse mix of residences, businesses, services, institutions and visitors to enhance residential life. This objective includes preventing the conversion of residential housing stock to non-residential use.

In an effort to create an environment where families of all ages and financial capabilities can thrive, the community plan supports developing a broad range of housing options and working with surrounding neighborhoods to promote new K-12 public school options.

Other aspirations are preserving historic architecture and character while encouraging new technologies and “greening,” as well as promoting nearby development that enhances downtown living.

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