Prepare Your Shovels

All the local weathermen and ladies agree – there is a major storm bearing down on us and preparing to land along the length of our coast and inland beginning late Tuesday and lasting through Wednesday.

We urge all homeowners and business owners to clear your sidewalks and walkways or to face the possible consequences – a ticket from the city for failure to remove snow.

The newly passed Massachusetts law recently passed places a far greater liability on home and business owners regarding their sidewalks and walkways.

The law requires a bit more than simply making an effort.

Your sidewalks and walkways must be clear of snow or you will be ticketed.

What’s worse is that if someone falls on your sidewalk or walkway as a result of snow that was not removed, you will have the full liability for that person’s injuries, and that could become very costly.

Prepare your shovels. Use them liberally. Make sure your pathways and sidewalks are clear.

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