The Beauty and the Reality

The incredible amount of snow that has fallen this winter has added a touch of New England beauty to the neighborhood.

With more snow predicted for the middle of the week, there is the chance for even more beauty.

But the beauty, in reality, is a beast – and the beast has caused business to turn down and for everyone living in this neighborhood to suffer the effects of streets that can barely be driven down, parking that is almost non-existent and outlook that none of us are looking forward to.

Maneuvering in this neighborhood has become near to impossible.

You can drive Charles Street without too much hassle, and Cambridge Street, too. However nearly all the side streets running up and down on the hill and on the river side are as close to a hazard as they can be.

With another storm apparently coming Tuesday evening and into Wednesday, there is the real likelihood of another substantial dumping of snow.

If that happens, the red flag goes up officially on a season that is going to be very costly and difficult for everyone.

This winter is becoming the mother of all winters.

A stormy February might very likely bring nearly everything around here to a half speed existence – and this will be a problem.

Snow removal by the city will have to be increased dramatically not just for emergency vehicles to get by but also for deliveries to be made, for cars to park, for heating oil to be delivered, but for the benefit of Charles Street and Cambridge Street restaurants and shopkeepers who are beginning to find it difficult to maintain their businesses because so many shoppers are tending to stay away.

The winter is beautiful. The snow is deep. However, problems are mounting.

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