Police Briefs 02-15-2011

Breaking and Entering, Non-Residence

02/04/11 – At about 5:10 p.m., a male suspect was arrested after forcing open the basement door to a Bowdoin Street church after he was found in the building’s hallway.

Verbal Dispute

02/04/11 – At about 9:02 p.m., officers responded to New Chardon and Cambridge streets for a road-rage incident after two male motorists allegedly became involved in a verbal altercation after one cut the other off in traffic.

Other Incidents

Feb. 1

140 Charles St., Towed Motor Vehicle

Feb. 2

81 West Cedar St., Harassing Phone Calls

Feb. 4

214 Cambridge St., Parking Violation

West Cedar Street, Motor Vehicle Accident – Leaving Scene – Property Damage

33 Bowdoin St., Breaking and Entering, Non-Residence, Night – Force

New Chardon Street, Verbal Dispute

Feb. 5

17 Phillips St., Motor Vehicle Accident – Other City Vehicle

27 Gardner St., Towed Motor Vehicle

33 Irving St., Verbal Dispute

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