Restoration of Brewer Fountain Appropriate and Underway

The restoration of one of Boston’s most conspicuous objects de art  donated to the city by Gardner Brewer in 1868 has been long overdue and is about to begin.

Brewer Fountain, which stands near the wall at Park and Tremont Streets, was sculpted for the Paris World’s Fair of 1855 where it was awarded a gold medal.

It was bought in Paris by Mr. Brewer, referred to as a distiller in local biographies, who was one of Boston’s wealthiest and most philanthropic residents before the turn of the 20th Century.

The Brewer Fountain was sculpted by Paul Lienard. It is, in all its parts, part sculpture, part fountain, part allegory and part mythology.

The bringing back to life and usefulness of the fountain component of this magnificent sculpture, is the kick-off part of the re-doing of the Public Garden.

Mayor Menino, Friends of the Public Garden President Henry Lee and the Boston Parks Department are all to be complimented on making the effort and for raising the more than $650,000 it is going to take to reclaim the sculpture and the immediate surrounding area.

That brilliant fountain again spouting water and gracing the Public Garden would make Mr. Brewer proud if he could see it.

That fountain, once it is running properly again, should be guaranteed to do so in perpetuity by the city.

Brewer Fountain, it is believed, has not been running for decades.

Never again should that be allowed to happen.

Every extraordinary piece of public art in this city, and especially those in the Public Garden and on Boston Common should be pristinely maintained.

By bringing back Brewer Fountain, this city and our neighborhood acknowledges the past is prologue but that the best of the past will never be forgotten or left to fall into disrepair.

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