The Royal Wedding

When Prince William and his bride to be Kate Middleton tie the knot Friday morning, a lot of us will be watching.

Americans, and especially Bostonians, have very special feelings about people who are born in castles to become kings and queens versus those of us born in common hospitals to become whomever we are without the benefit of royalty.

Prince William is marrying a commoner, so to speak.

He and Kate face the same harsh realities about modern marriage that all of us who are married face everyday.

That is, keeping one’s marriage relevant and alive is not easy. It is work.

Whether one is royal or common, marriage is about work and compromise as Prince William and Kate are destined to learn about.

We hope their marriage makes it but we wouldn’t be too surprised if a few years from today it went caput.

Such is life – especially for the royals of Prince Williams family.


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