Get Out and Vote

Today is Election Day and if you are a registered voter you should get out to vote.

Although no political positions directly representing Beacon Hill, Back Bay and the North End are being contested, Tuesday’s municipal election features a very hotly contested At-Large City Council race.

Beacon Hill’s city council representatives, District 8’s Mike Ross and District 1’s Sal LaMattina, are both running unopposed.

The At-Large race features four seats.

All four incumbents are seeking re-election. Three additional candidates are seeking to become At-Large councilors.

The candidates are – and will appear this way on the ballot: Will Dorcena from District 5; Ayanna Pressley, from District 3, Felix Arroyo from district 6; John Connolly, District 6; Michael Flaherty, District 2; Stephen Murphy; District 5 and Sean Ryan, District 6.

The incumbents are: City Council President Murphy; Connolly, Arroyo and Pressley.

One of the highlights of the At-Large race is whether or not former councilor Flaherty can capture a seat for a triumphant return to the council to perhaps set himself up for another run against Mayor Thomas Menino.

However, to a person, the incumbents have been working hard, as the saying goes in local politics.

Council President Murphy’s campaign is perhaps the most vigorous and his citywide profile among the best known.

At-Large Councilors Ayanna Pressley and John Connolly have been campaigning together in a very unique effort to attract more voters to the idea that they share many common beliefs about how this city should be run and especially about the public schools and families.

We ask registered voters once again to get out and to vote.

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