Thank You, Attorney Thurlow

Beacon Hill Attorney Lisa Thurlow wants the state to remove three Clear Channel billboards and two giant Blue Moon signs that are on Cambridge Street for nearly everyone to see.

Her fight to maintain Beacon Hill as a truly unblemished historic neighborhood has grown dramatically with recent news that the state Department of Transportation is considering changing its rules to allow for brightly lighted digital billboards by slashing rules and regulations in order to allow them to go up just about anywhere.

Scenic America is a Washington based advocacy group which has warned that it appears Massachusetts is going from having some of the toughest rules and regulation about bill-boards to some of the weakest.

If the DOT changes are approved, it is likely many billboards already standing will be converted into digital billboards and that a proliferation of digital billboards will them ensue.

Attorney Thurlow is in the process now of launching a Scenic America affiliate in order to give residents a chance to express themselves about the coming DOT billboard rule changes.

Thurlow’s battle to rid Beacon Hill of billboards has not stopped.

She is going after an exclusion that would keep Beacon Hill sign free.

She is filing an application to have Beacon Hill included as one of the state’s designated sign free districts.

Presently, Lexington, Lincoln, Concord and Charlestown are on that list.

Beacon Hill should be added to that list.

We applaud Attorney Thurlow’s efforts.

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